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A professional membership organization for Structural Integrators,
Cina Structural Integration is a proud member of IASI.  IASI is a professional membership organization for Structural Integrators, trained by the heirs of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.
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Cina Structural Integration is specializes in The Rolf Method of Structural Integration. CSI services the Entire Greater St Louis Metro area, including the Metro East IL areas too.  We service St Louis City and County, St Charles, St Peters, O'Fallon Mo, Jefferson County Mo, Madison IL, St Clair County IL, and Monroe County IL. 

Rolfing Furniture For Sale - Click Here
Cina SI also creates fine rolf furniture for use in the practice of Structural Integration including, adjustable height and other benches and elevated floor tables. Cina's Structural Integration furniture comes ready to assemble and can be shipped world wide.
The bench backs up to the wall so your clients can feel at ease when you  do abdominal work.    
The seat adjusts by simply lifting up on the front edge and moving the back ears into the notches you want.   The design ensures that the seat stays in place.
Mini rolfing benches make head, neck, foot and arm work an ease. These are created to keep you off your knees. We have one at each end of our tables.   The Mini-Lean nests completely underneath the Traveler.  A Mini-Lean bench and Traveler can function as a small desk and chair.
Rolfing Tables are a re-do of the classic “elevated floor” from the early days of Structural Integration.  Our rolfing table is strong and will support up to 500lbs (227kg). It is supported by 6 solid wood tapered legs.
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The Rolf Guild For Structural Integration.

Rolf Therapy: Structural Integration - What Is It?

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Why the Funny Name: 
Rolf Structural Integration?

Dr. Ida P. Rolf began developing Rolf therapy in the 1920s as an attempt to alleviate her own health problems and those of her family. Up until the 1970s she continued to refine her techniques into what is now considered modern-day Rolf Structural-Integration — frequently simply referred to as Rolf therapy, in deference to Ida. By any measure, Ida’s accomplishments are visionary, especially considering that she earned her Ph.D. in biological chemistry from Columbia University in 1920, the year women won the right to vote.

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Rolf Star
Alan is one of the few woodworkers in the world who designs and builds handmade furniture that promotes the benefits of Structural Integration. His custom-made benches and tables are popular with Rolf Structural-Integration practitioners for use in their practices and for clients in their homes. He is a fourth-generation carpenter, and Alan crafts his furniture from solid maple in a 1,000-square-foot studio of his own design. He has a clear mission for Rolf Star: "Our furniture helps realign posture, body and life."  Read more>>.

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Well, they are one and the same. In a nutshell, both terms refer to a scientifically proven therapy that helps adjust a person’s muscles and fascia (connective tissue, such as tendons) to a state of alignment and balance, which helps all of the body’s systems function optimally. As far as the experience itself, most people say a Rolf session feels like a deep-tissue massage.

The human body stores tension and stress (both physical and emotional) within itself, whether it is from trauma, repetitive stress or just daily life. Over time, this stress affects the body: a slumped back, lack of energy, aching joints, moodiness, etc.

During a Rolf session these health issues are adjusted with various deep-tissue techniques, which realign and rebalance the body. Rolf therapy is different from massage techniques because it focuses on the body’s fascia, the material that encases all of the body’s bones, muscles and organs. So, it is accurate to say that Rolf practitioners intend to restructure clients’ bodies to their natural states; thus, the term Rolf Structural Integration. A realigned body can experience improved athletic performance, cessation of pain, and a sense of well-being and emotional release.

Alan Cina - By age 28 a series of athletic and work injuries left Alan Cina with a limping left leg an inch shorter than his right leg, near-legal blindness, and a spine as misshapen as a spine afflicted with scoliosis. But now at age 57 Alan practices T’ai Chi Ch’uan daily and routinely participates in 100- and 200-mile bicycle races. Alan credits his recovery and current vitality to Rolf Structural Integration, which is why he went on to train at the Guild for Structural Integration to become an Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner and a Board Certified Structural Integrator. Since 2006 Alan has helped more than 1,000 St. Louisans. Read more >>.

Sally Cina - A chronic pain in Sally’s right foot brought her to Rolf Structural Integration. Little did she know that the relief she received would unfold into a career and much more. For Sally, Rolf Structural Integration is about clients achieving optimal physical health, learning to truly live in their bodies and accepting that they are complete as they are. Sally has completed three courses of study at the Guild for Structural Integration and has helped hundreds of St. Louisans. She also is pursuing her lifelong interests in ballet and circus performance.  Read more >>