The human body is an engineering marvel of nature - but how it functions can be boiled down into a childhood song: "The foot bone connects to the shin bone. The shin bone connects to the knee bone. …" Put another way, all of the human body’s amazing systems (skeletal, muscular, organ, nervous, emotional, myofascial and more) work together to create optimal health. But if an element of one system functions improperly or is out of alignment, the body compensates elsewhere. In the short term, compensation helps the body continue to function. But patterns of compensation tend to persist, and the original source of dysfunction in the body often does not return to its original state after it has "healed." 

Each session of the 10 Series targets misalignment in a different part of the body’s myofascial system. The goal is to achieve optimum function within the targeted area not only so that it functions fully and freely, but also so that it works in sync with the other systems of the body.

Most often a 10 Series follows the regime below, but, of course, Alan adapts a series to a client’s needs: 
Outer Layers
1. Rib-basket, chest, neck, pelvis - conscious and deep breathing, comfortable seated posture
2. Feet, legs, spine - standing aligned, balanced walking
3. Midline, shoulders, arms, hands, sides - balanced giving and receiving, fluid movement in all directions

Core Layers
In Structural Integration the "core" does not exclusively refer to the abdomen, but to a deep, vertical core that runs from the arches to the crown of the head.
4. Base
5. Front
6. Back
7. Top

During the first seven sessions a client’s body and misaligned patterns are restructured. Now it is time, so to speak, to put the body back together. Although these final three sessions have a protocol, they are more customized to a client’s individual needs than the previous sessions.
8. Lower body rotations
9. Upper body rotations
10. Integrating all parts of the body

Aligning The Body  ~  Creating Ease

10 Series Structural Integration

10 Series Structural Integration Sessions @ Structural Integration by Alan
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