Just finished softball season or a tough summer of Zumba? Perhaps you had a fender bender or slipped on the ice, and something feels out of whack. For clients already familiar with Rolf Structural Integration or who have completed a 10 Series, a 3 Series is the ideal way to address targeted needs that result from overuse or life’s common misfortunes.

However, a 3 Series is not only for addressing specific injuries or surprise misalignments; it also is a tool for moving into a higher level of body function and awareness. Because most clients have a 3 Series some time after completing a 10 Series, a 3 Series allows further exploration into patterns and deeper release of these patterns.

As a result, a 3 Series builds upon the growth accomplished during a 10 Series and takes clients to another level of ease and integration within their bodies. It can be experienced many times in a person’s life, especially in situations where more than a Tune-Up but less than a 5 Series is needed.

Aligning The Body  ~  Creating Ease

3 Series Structural Integration

3 Series Structural Integration Sessions @ Structural Integration by Alan
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