Snap, crack, pop. Chiropractic is blunt force, whereas Rolf Structural Integration is about gently realigning myofascial tissue to its natural state. Now, chiropractors can adjust subluxated vertebrae back into place, as anyone who has lain on a chiropractor’s table and heard that distinctive "pop" can tell you. And most chiropractic clients report a reduction in pain after initial and then subsequent visits. However, almost invariably within a few days the pain reappears, and chiropractors almost always encourage clients to return two or three times a week for the initial month or two, usually followed by months-long maintenance programs. 

This regime is required because without realigning myofascial tissue that has been warped by misaligned vertebra, the vertebrae do not have a smooth groove, so to speak, to slip into. The vertebrae will more than likely slip back out of place because their natural spot has been altered by misshapen myofascial tissue. This warped myofascial tissue needs to be realigned. In fact, reputable chiropractors will insist that patients have some other sort of therapeutic practice to help retrain muscles and realign myofascial tissue - because they know that chiropractic in itself is not enough.

Therefore, Rolf Structural Integration is a better choice than chiropractic - it addresses the root causes of subluxated vertebrae by reshaping misaligned myofascial tissue back into its natural state. As a result, a typical Rolf Structural-Integration regime requires far fewer appointments than a chiropractic regime and spaces these appointments further apart (no two-to-three-appointment-a-week schedules). Furthermore, Alan Cina never requires X-rays, pushes nutritional or therapeutic products, and practices only Rolf Structural Integration. (He does not moonlight in acupuncture or other therapies.) 

Chiropractic, like other therapies, may still have its place in a healing regime. But Rolf Structural Integration makes for a better cornerstone to optimum health.

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Rolf Structural Integration Is More Than Chiropractic

Rolf Structural Integration Is More Than Chiropractic
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