Rolf Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that lengthens and realigns the body's myofascial tissue (connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments) through firm, slow, yet gentle pressure applied by professional practitioners of the craft. This myofascial tissue, which could be considered the body’s internal, protective layer, encases the human body’s bones, muscles, organs and nervous system. 
Alan specializes in gently realigning clients’ myofascial tissue back to its natural state, which results in numerous benefits, including

  • ​alleviation of pain. 
  • better balance and coordination.
  • improved flexibility and movement
  • increased energy.
  • improved athletic performance.
  • increased self-confidence. 
  • sensation of lightness and fluidity.
  • improved posture. 
  • toning and lifting of facial muscles (like a natural facelift).
  • emotional release and a sense of well-being.
  • a slimmer and taller appearance. 
  • a measurable 1/4-to-1-inch gain in height.

How Are These Results Possible?
Most of us played with Silly Putty as children. Just out of the plastic, egg-shaped container the Silly Putty was smooth and supple, easy to work with. But over many play hours the putty often became rigid and crumbly.

Myofascial tissue functions like Silly Putty. When healthy it encases the body’s bones, muscles, organs and nerves in pliable, thin, protective sheets that help hold the body’s form and improve its function. However, the effects of time (injury, stress, poor posture, repetitive motion - in other words, just life) result in rigid and crumpled myofascial tissue. This misalignment hampers the body’s vital systems from functioning optimally. Most often this dysfunction manifests as pain, impaired motion, lack of energy and emotional "edginess."

Likewise, doctors frequently compare tendons and ligaments (which are the other key elements of the body’s myofascial system) to long, thick rubber bands. Doctors then go on to explain that these tendon and ligament "bands" connect muscles to bones. Therefore, the human body could not move without tendons and ligaments; they channel the force of muscles to propel bones. Think of the energy generated by the snap of a thick rubber band. Tendons and ligaments in a similar fashion (although usually at a more controlled, measured pace - except during athletic activities) transfer the energy of muscles into bones. Thus -movement.

But as with Silly Putty, over time rubber bands become rigid and hard. They lose flexibility and may fray or even completely snap. Likewise, tendons and ligaments, as with the other elements of the human myofascial system, very often lose flexibility and functionality over time.

Fortunately, professional Rolf Structural-Integration practitioners, such as Alan can halt and even reverse this regression in a client’s myofascial tissue. Alan uses a variety of deep-tissue techniques to gently realign clients’ myofascial tissue to their natural states. Now, the degree of misalignment and the longevity of the misalignment in a client’s myofascial tissue will influence how rapidly healing occurs; however, after an initial session clients invariably report changes such as those mentioned at the top of this page. Over a series of sessions clients experience even more profound shifts in body function and appearance, remission of pain, and emotional balance. 

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Benefits of Rolf Structural Integration

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