Massage feels great. It relaxes and stretches muscles. But more often than not the relaxation benefits of massage fade away because massage works on symptoms - it rarely addresses the structural reasons that cause a body to hold tension, pain and misalignment. And unless a person addresses these root causes, all the relaxation in the world cannot cure. 

On the other hand, Rolf Structural Integration, as the name implies, reintegrates the body’s amazing myofascial system (the body’s internal protective and structural layer). So whereas both massage and Rolf Structural Integration produce relaxation (a good thing), only Rolf Structural Integration realigns the root causes of pain, tension and lack of energy so that these symptoms dissipate or even disappear (a great thing!).

Massage therapist frequently encourage clients to have biweekly or monthly massages, or even more frequent massages. However, because Rolf Structural-Integration is so powerful and transformative, Alan almost always recommend that clients take a 6-to-12 month break from further sessions after completing a 10 Series of sessions. Simply put, the human body needs time to integrate the profound changes that result from a Rolf Structural-Integration series.

Massage, like other therapies, may still have its place in a healing regime. But Rolf Structural Integration makes for a better cornerstone to optimum health.

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Rolf Structural Integration Is More Than Massage

Rolf Structural Integration Is More Than Massage
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