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Kind Words From My Clients | Why Choose Structural Integration by Alan

After countless searches online for some relief and some answers to my chronic fibromyalgia pain, I happened to stumbled across a unique plan of attack … I found Rolfing therapy! At our first meeting, it was clear from the start that Alan was highly skilled at what he does.  He had an in-depth knowledge of his trade, along with a strong passion to help me feel better, both physically and emotionally. He was very professional, engaging, tuned-into my health issues, he is a master at his craft!   

After the first session, I was very impressed with his work. And it wasn’t long (within three to four sessions) that I began feeling a difference in my overall feeling of balance; a feeling I had not experienced in quite some time. I was shocked to see the changes in my alignment, as he offered a visual before and after photo presentation of my body’s transformation while the process is underway. Each session offered a new technique for aiding in better overall functionality and mobility. After each session I could feel the therapy working its magic. For example, I felt relief from a painful tailbone when he used his manipulative technique in the hip and lower pelvic region. Within roughly four to five sessions, the chronic and painful fibromyalgia flares had really calmed down. In addition to helping with the pain, Alan helped me dissect my posture, as well as my everyday body movements that were perpetuating my unbalanced state. I am now more conscious of my posture; as well as how I sit, how I move and use my body, even down to the shoes I wear too!  

Bottom line, Alan was a pleasure to work with. I love the outcome of this ten series therapy. I love the physical effects of being balanced and upright … and simply having a balance core. My body feels free and relaxed now, and I love it! I might even be a little taller now too! 

Thanks Alan, for helping me --  twofold; one, for helping me experience a lot less pain, and two, for helping me balance out the deeper inner tension and imbalances I had been carrying around - but just wasn’t aware of. Your knowledge, as well as your Rolfing techniques, have been invaluable to me.  

Sharon Owen
Client of Structural Integration by Alan in 2012-2013

Rolfing and Structural Integration therapy has truly been a transformational experience for me. I would recommend Cina Structural Integration to any person who currently has chronic pain and/or any discomfort in any area of their body. This therapy can truly be that powerful!  
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