​Everyone would like to feel young again, and those who are young would like to continue enjoying youth. Unfortunately, accidents, overuse, repetitive stress and emotional stress can cause the myofascial tissue of the human body to shorten or harden. (The myofascial system is an interconnected network of pliable, yet strong, sheaths of tissue that encase and connect the human body’s bones, muscles, organs and nervous system. Tendons and ligaments also are part of this system.)

Mild aches and pains, or even chronic and debilitating pain, not to mention drags on energy and moods, can manifest from myofascial misalignments. However, Rolf Structural-Integration practitioners can literally smooth away these issues when they recontour a client’s myofascial sytem. However, the primary reasons many clients try Rolf Structural Integration can be broken into five categories:

Chronic Pain
Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, headaches or migraines, neck and lower back pain. If you suffer from any of these or other chronic maladies - you know it - and want to lose it. Rolf Structural Integration practitioners offer relief at the core of these problems that other therapies cannot when they realign a client’s myofascial tissue (and, as a result, the client’s bones, muscles, organs and nervous system) to its natural state.

Life is not without accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, even after a trauma has "healed" your body still may not function as it once did. Perhaps you tried medication, physical therapy, chiropractic or typical massage therapy, but things still are not right. Whether your injury stems from athletics or a fender bender, Rolf Structural Integration can return you to pre-injury form because it reshapes the body’s myofascial tissue to its pre-injury state.

Physical and Emotional Tension
Most people are aware of chronic tightness and aches in their bodies and can even pinpoint physical and emotional patterns that cause this chronic tension. Even with this awareness, many people still cannot change the patterns. They may try a host of athletic and gym activities, ranging from yoga to Zumba to Pilates to strength training; and then experiment with different healing modalities, such as chiropractic and traditional massage therapy; and some approach these issues from an emotional perspective with psychotherapy. Although these activities certainly may help alleviate symptoms, Rolf Structural Integration often goes to the core of chronic physical and emotional patterns more quickly than other therapies. As a result, Rolf Structural Integration achieves swift and long-lasting results, so much so that after completing a series of Rolf Structural-Integration sessions people experience immediate benefits and often then see enhanced results when they return to their previous activities and therapies.

Increased performance is not rocket science. Whether you are a gym rat or weekend warrior, yoga guru or avid golfer, martial artist or soccer mom, you’ve wished for greater endurance, ease, comfort and even grace. Well, it’s all mechanics - body mechanics, that is. Reduce the body’s drag on itself, and it will function at an optimum level. When Alan realigns a client’s myofscial tissue, the client’s body flows, rather than hinders itself. Gravity is now a partner in, rather than impediment, to graceful movement.

At times we all feel stuck - even stuck in our bodies. Often the cause of stuck energy is misalignment in a body’s myofacial tissue. Just as water flows when damns and restrictions that bottle it up are cleared away, so does energy in the human body after a Rolf Structural-Integration practitioner smooths away misalignment in a client’s myofascial tissue. After only one session client invariably report feelings of lightness, relaxation, cessation of pain and more energy. This ease and energy only increase after clients complete a targeted series of Rolf Structural-Integration sessions.

Aligning The Body  ~  Creating Ease

Why Structural Integration Works

Why Structural Integration Works
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